What's difference of Chinese,European,Indian Hair?

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There are a lot of fakes in the market - out to them to see, and to ensure that, if you pay high quality lace wigs, you will get you deserve perfect locks. In order to help you distinguish between the different types of hair, so that through them one by one!

Virgin Chinese hair

It is thick. Due to the extreme texture, Chinese human hair can endure a wide range of chemical process, it is all the available high quality hair extensions.

hair extensions

In its natural form, it is even not suitable for use in lace front wigs. It can beformed Treatment, but extended the natural structure of the hair is almost completely destroyed it.

Be of inferior quality, a bad luster and texture.Be of particularly careful not to be deceived.

Purchase Chinese human hair sales cheaper European hair and it is also stronger. In some of the beauty shop,Difficult hair, to determine whether it is authentic or not, depending on how it is packaged and staining. Some manufacturers coat with silicon, which makes it appear healthy hair in the first,But silicon will fall off the hair washing in the first few. In order to avoid this problem, to ensure that buy hair only from a reputable source, you have the confidence to get the genuine article.

European hair

It is naturally higher quality than the Chinese human hair. It does not have to be processed in order to available in the hair extensions, and it has a gloss and texture, making it most natural integration and hair texture. However, the majority of European hair extensions and wigs are very expensive. Supply is not very Large, therefore the price is very high. In response, some companies have begun to provide Chinese hair

Even synthetic hair - European hair. It can be very difficult to tell the difference.The actual processing of the hair, to see them in your hair. However, once they are in place, you can tell them you want perfectlocks.

Indian hair:
The real Indian hair to you the best of both worlds. Hair is natural and delicate, shiny, perfect to make hair extensions.In In fact, have the same genetic structure as European hair Remy hair, give it the same texture and good gloss. European hair extensions, it has the same advantages, but there are a large demand to keep prices from rising.Indian hair is very suitable for perfectlocks you desire. You will find that it has a number of different styles, and it is very easy to management and maintenance. Fat, tend to have a very long life compared to the other extension, maintaining perfect lock the longer your money and give you a better value. Especially Indian hair to create the perfectlocks African hair: its texture almost perfect match, making it easy and free and easy maintenance. This requires the dyes and without damage, allowing to customize the perfect color of your hair. With indian Remy hair, it is easy to obtain and maintain a perfect appearance.