How to Dye Full Lace Wig & Lace Front Wig by Yourself?

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Human hair full lace wig and lace front wig can be styled by yourself, you can dye hair or lighten hair,so you can change your looking if you wear them. But you must take into consider that any damage to the hair can't be repaired before coloring full lace front lace human hair wigs,and that you won't be able to bleach hair or dye a human hair wig more than once. like your own hair,once dyed,you must remove the dye on hair first,but hair color of human hair wigs almost can't be removed easily.However, you can take a few precautions to prevent severe damage to the hair and soil wig cap.

Most popular human hair wigs include full lace wig and lace front wig.
1)Apply a deep conditioner to the wig at least one week before you intend to dye it, and don't wash it prior to dying. The conditioner will hydrate and smooth the cuticle, helping to repair any existing damage and allowing the dye to penetrate evenly across the wig.

color and wash human hair wig

2)Pin your full lace wig and lace front wig securely to a wig form.

3)Divide the hair into four sections -- top, both sides and back -- and secure each of them with an alligator clip.

4)Prepare the cream hair dye according to the manufacturer's directions. Cream dyes will give you greater control over dye placement, preventing dying or damage to the scalp of the wig.

color human hair wig

5)Free the top section of hair. If you complete this section first, you can work on the other sections in any order that suits you.

6)Cut five or six pieces of foil as long as the hair plus 2 inches. Because you're dying the hair, you can foil larger chunks of hair than you would if you were highlighting.

7)Separate a thin section of hair from the top of the free section of hair and place the foil underneath it, aligning it with the scalp.

8)Brush on the dye, working from root to tip. Avoid the wig cap and immediately remove any dye that does get on the wig cap with a damp cloth.

9)Fold any excess foil extending beyond the ends of the hair upward, and continue folding the foil in 2-inch sections until you reach the base of the hair.

10)Repeat Steps 7 through 9 for the rest of the hair in that section.

11)Repeat Steps 5 through 10 for the rest of the full lace front wig.

12)Allow the dye to set for the manufacturer's recommended amount of time.

13)Remove each foil packet, working from the base of the wig to the crown.

14)Place the full lace wig or front lace wig form into a tub or sink and rinse off the dye until the water runs clear. Allow the hair to air dry naturally.

Wait the manufacturer's recommended amount of time before washing the wig as you usually do. Switch to a shampoo and conditioner for your colored full lace wig or lace front wig hair to protect both the color and the hair.