How to Make Front Lace Wigs Natural & Undetectable? Author:S Yuan DateTime:2013-07-17 Hits:432

You can get an instant amazing hair makeover if you choose to wear a lace front wig.front lace  wigs are constructed with french lace at front around 3 inches as opposed to the machine hair wefts used in regular cheap wigs,so it is one of the type called lace wigs.The lace provides a natural looking hairline that gives the appearance of your own hair growing from scalp. To achieve an authentic appearance, it is imperative to line the wig properly with your natural hairline. There is a specific lace wig application technique that will provide you with undetectable hair looking.

Things You'll Need:
Moisturizing shampoo,   
Moisturizing conditioner,
Leave-in conditioner,Wash and condition hair as normal. Be sure to use a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Apply a leave in conditioner to the hair. Saturate the hair with a setting lotion and allow the hair to air dry as normal!
Use a brush to slick the hair back off the face. Brush the hair back until the hair is as close to the head as possible.

Cover the lace front wig hair with a wig cap:
Dip a cotton swab into a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Use the swab to clean across the forehead.
Place the lace front wig on your head and style it away from the face. Secure the hair with a large hair clip.
Maneuver the position of the wig until you form a natural-looking hairline.
Use a lip liner pencil to place small dots across the forehead to pinpoint the placement of the hairline of the wig.
Remove the lace front wig from the head. Use a pair of scissors to remove the excess lace from the wig.
Apply an even layer of lace wig glue within the dotted area across the forehead. Make sure to spread the glue from ear to ear.
Leave the glue to set for 15 minutes.
Replace the wig on the head. Be sure to line up the hairline according to the dotted line.
Use a comb to gently press the wig into the hairline. Leave the glue to set for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Remove hair clips from the lace front wig and make it into hairstyle what you like.