How to Care Your Indian Remy Hair Full Lace Wigs?

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Thick, luxurious hair means youth and health for every person,However, it isn't a gift that everyone can get,their are lots of matters can damage hair, Medical treatments, genetics,age,disease,hair care condition can make hair thinner and unattractive.Indian remy hair full lace wigs are the best choice for hair replacement.
Full lace wig hair is as natural as your ownl hair.full lace human wigs are made with remy human hair and hair strands are hand tied on a french or swiss lace base by workers.indian remy lace wig can creat natural hairline, full lace wig is freestyle,you can part hair anywhere you like or comb it back. full lace wigs are easy to care. Just wash the wig to remove setting lotions or the hair feels sticky. you can store the wig on a Styrofoam wig head and keep it away from extreme heat. 
Place your wig on a Styrofoam wig head and secure it with T-pins.

care human hair wig

Using your comb to comb your full lace wig to remove any tangles,start from the tips of the hair,work towards the base, so the tied hair won't be disrupted .

Add a tbsp. of shampoo in a small spray bottle,then fill it with warm water. Place your wig head with the attached full lace wig under cool water.

Spray on the shampoo mixture and distribute shampoo with the wide tooth comb. Comb the hair begin from the ends of the full lace wig and work towards the roots.

Rinse the hair of full lace wig with cool water:
Add a tbsp. of conditioner to a small spray bottle. Then fill it with cool water.

Place your full lace wig back under the cool running water and spray on the conditioner. Work the conditioner through the hair with the wide tooth comb,start from the ends and working towards the roots.

Rinse the indian remy lace wig with cool water. Blot it with a towel.
Let the wig air dry before setting lotion and style the full lace wig. You may apply a knot sealer after the hair is dry. Simply expose the knots, mist and blow careful the quality of the knots sealing materal,bad quality hair sealing material can cause shedding on the contrary.