How to Protect Your Own Hair When Wear Full Lace Front Wig or Top Closures? Author:Sheng Y DateTime:2013-07-24 Hits:3560

Full lace wig,lace front wig and hairpieces such as lace top closures and frontals may damage your own hair if you don't take caution. Damage mostly occurs at the area where the top closures or full lace wig and lace front wig is attached directly to your own hair, and sometimes, overall damage can occur as well.How to protect your hair when wear hair products?

Breakage usually happens along the hairline where the hair sometimes gets tangled up in the lace mesh of the full lace wig or lace front wig and top closures. Breakage also being found in areas barrettes and bands are used to hold the hair in place in preparation for the full lace wig and lace front wig.

Hair shedding

Cuticle damage happens at the outside layer of wig hair and is caused by the constant rubbing of full lace wigs,front lace wigs or top closures against the hair. You can't distinguish this type of damage with eyes. Instead, you will notice an overall obscure of the lace wigs or top closures.

Hair loss can be found in women who constantly wear close knit (tightly-meshed) full lace wigs. Hair loss in these cases can be attributed to friction and lack of circulation to the scalp.
Wear loose mesh full lace wigs or top closures that place little tension on the hair and allow the scalp to breathe. when you wear a full lace wig all of the time, it's betterh to cut your hair short. Avoid to us rubber bands or barrettes to hold your hair and your full lace wig in place.

To fix damage of your full lace wig,you should perform corrective conditioning treatments once a week and consider getting a haircut to remove hair that is damaged beyond repair.
Hair care not only important for your full lace wig or lace front wig,it is most important to your own natural hair!
Lace front wig, which have a mesh lace base at front, are the most natural and safe,but can still cause damage if you don't take caution. .
Try the lace front wig on before cutting off the additional lace at the front. it is better to leave a little extra lace on the front to catch the glue. it will creates a bad fit and excessive pull of hair if the lace was cut too short.
You need to use hair gel, corn rows or a wig stocking to slick hair will cause damage to your existing hair if use an fabric not ventilate to hold your hair under the lace front wig .
Avoid damage to existing hair and scalp by applying the adhesive directly on the skin and not on existing hair.
It is clever to apply only approved glue for the lace front wig and scalp. Using other types of adhesives may damage the hair, scalp and the lace front wig.
Remove the glue first with lace release remover. If you pull the unit from the scalp before you clean away the glue, your hair may pull out as the pulls away from your scalp.
Allow the adhesive remover to sit for a few minitus prior to remove the lace front wig.It takes a few minutes for the glue to soften. If you need to remove the lace front wig too soon, it will tug natural hairs out of the scalp.
Keep your hair and lace front wig clean. Wash the front lace wigs as often as that manufacturer recommends to avoid any possibility of bacterial of fungal infection. Infection is infrequent but can happen sometime!