How to care synthetic lace wig?

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Synthetic lace front wig is more and more popular African-American women because synthetic lace front wig is very cheap and can be seen only as expensive 100% human hair lace front wigs, and it is in the store the model's head. However, you will soon discover, if synthetic wig gently care, after wearing a few times, it begins to look cheap and wear. There are a few things you can do to make a synthetic wig look good for a longer period of time. These tips will help your synthetic wig if you can not see the picture, rather than a few weeks.

synthetic lace wig

Synthetic wig care instructions:

1. Only use a wide-toothed comb your synthetic wig shares. A narrow tooth comb teeth will cause wear of the synthetic chain and cause the end portion to be frizzed.

2. Comb your synthetic wig, you put it off. This will get rid of any tangles store it away. Combing, be sure to start the top of the wig and work both ends of the chain.

3. When it does not wear protection shares in your synthetic wig hairnet.

4. Things with a tissue or towel wig to maintain its proper shape and style of the wig cap.

5. The synthetic wig impregnated Cold soapy water in the sink. This may be a necessary complement to sink, when a couple with a clean foam to ensure your synthetic wig is clean. You can use a mild synthetic shampoo, your soap and water.

6. Immersed in the sink the cold soak water, rinse your wig. To do so, until all bubbles have been removed wig. Do not rub your eyes, it is cleaning and washing, simply dipped or swishing it around the wig.

7. Towel dry your wig. Use your hands, do not twist the wig. Wig hanging in a well ventilated place, therefore, it can dry completely.

8. Combing tangles your synthetic wig, wig has completely dried, etc..

9. Sprayed with synthetic wig sheen spray your wig, if the shares are boring looking.

Tip: synthetic front lace wigs:

Avoid use curling irons or other heat styling tools on your synthetic wigs unless the wig tag clearly shows that it is a heat-resistant synthetic fiber. Use heated styling tools will melt the chain of synthetic wig.

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