How to Avoid Tangles of Synthetic Front Lace Wigs?

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When you want large amount of wigs with different hair styles,hair colors,and lengths,Synthetic front lace wigs are a better choice,the price of each synsthetic lace front wig is $25 this year,it's price around 20 percent of a human hair lace front wig. manybe you don't know clearly how to keep it from tangling and shedding, always follow any care instructions will be quite easy, when not in use, it's better to put it on a proper wig stand.

synthetic lace front wig

Things You'll Need:
Synthetic wig-friendly comb or brush,
Synthetic wig spray,
Synthetic wig shampoo.

Combing and Styling your synthetic lace front wig:

Comb or brush the synthetic lace front wig with those instruments designed specifically for the lace front wig. If these is not available, use a brush with rubber tips to prevent split ends, which promote tangling of your lace front wig.

Apply synthetic wig appropriative spray before brushing or combing your lace front wig. Wig spray acts as a lubricant and helps to avoid the synthetic hair tangle.

Brush the lace front wig starting from the end of the synthetic lace front wig hair and working upwards to the root of hair. This avoids little tangles from converging with others below and creating larger tangles.
Use sponge rollers if their is curls in your synthetic lace front wig. Velcro rollers will tangle in your lace front wig and may cause damage to the fibers.


Sink the lace front wig on basin that filled with cool water. Hot water will relax or remove curls processed in the lace front wig by the factory.

Add two capfuls of shampoo for synthetic wigs and immerse the lace front wig in the cool water. Gently swish the lace front wig in the water and soak for 1 to 2 minutes. This loosens any debris and reduces the need for rubbing, which promotes tangles.

Rinse the lace front wig with the water flowing in the direction the fibers are laid. Typically, this will be from the top of the wig, downward.

Place the lace front wig on a wig stand or lay it out on a large towel. Spray the wig with a leave in conditioner and gently distribute the conditioner throughout the wig using your fingers, don't use a brush.

Brush the synthetic lace front wig once it is dry, starting at the ends and working upward.
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