How to Make a Decision When Buy a Full Lace Wig or Lace Front Wig?

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Sometimes we really feel It is a little difficult to choose the correct lace wig when we plan to buy one.When you decided to buy a lace wig you will find that there are lots of options available and to many wig types and styles to choose from.their are full lace wig and lace front wig type that are all natural looking.their are many colors,many texture styles,many hair materials available.every person want to find the perfect wig for themselves and every occasion.

So before you go to a wig shop either online stores or a brick shop, you'd better to ask yourself several questions.This routine will help you avoid confusion in the longer run and help you quickly find the correct wig. The questions are:

Will you be wearing the wig occasionally or everyday?
Are you an active person and do you want the wig attached firmly on head?
What style do you like for your hair?
Do you like human hair wig or synthetic hair wig?
Do you plan to modify the wig in terms of color, curl, etc?
Do you have enough time to put on the wig everyday?
Having answered all these questions you can contact sales persons or come to shop to select,you can also search the wigs online immediately.
Here we give you some suggestions about different human hair wigs:

Full Lace Wigs:
There are many pros and cons of buying a full lace wig as will become evident here.The full lace Wig is all hair strands are tied on a lace base cap by hands.The hair can be parted anywhere you like and in any direction. this is due the quality of the hair used in the lace wigs.It can also be worn up and in a ponytail or in braids. They are very popular because they have wide variety of styles available and options for extended wear.full lace wig can last longer and look more thicker than lace front wig. But there is a perfectly good reason for that, full lace wig need to be secured with adhesive or glue all the way around the head.Thus it can be quite an ordeal for the persons who wear full lace wigs frequently and for shorter periods of time; considering they are likely to have less time to spare in preparation.But once being worn it is possible to wear full lace wigs for days and even weeks at a time.

Front Lace Wigs:

A lace front Wig is constructed with lace base only at front part of the wig and the rest of the wig is constructed with hair wefts or some other materials similar to the normal wigs.This kind of lace front wig can be secured with adhesive or tape only at the front from ear to ear.the rest of the wig cap can be worn and hold by combs and clips.In addition to that either a machine made cap with elastic is utilized or elastic straps at back.The fact is lace front wig do not need to be stuck at the back or front with adhesive,save a lot of time wearing the wig.Thus the lace front wig is highly suitable for short term usage and highly suitable for occasional wear. But with this Wig the seam is not adhered around the entire perimeter of the head means that while the hair can still be worn in a low ponytail it cannot be parted in every direction,it can only be parted at front.
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