How to Install Human Hair Lace Top Closures for Your Hair?

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Human hair silk base lace closures are used at the end of the weave-gluing process. They blur any apparent difference between a glue-in weave and sew-in extensions. top closures are always placed at the crown of the head after weave wefts are glued-in for a uniform full-head-of-hair look.The lace that closure hair is attached to is flesh-toned, giving the appearance of a natural growth of hair from the top of the scalp.Due to the infusion of weave hair with scalp hair required for sew-ins,separate top closures are not necessary.Without closures however,glued-in hair appears to sit on top of scalp hair for an incomplete hairstyle and it shows an unnatural looking.
1.Create a removable weave cap. Gluing hair weave wefts and closures onto a cap prevents the glue from pulling at your hair upon removal,and decreases the chances of allergic skin reactions.

Apply hairpieces

2.Put a weave cap onto a wig head,so that you can ensure that the hair is being glued-on evenly.As the hair is glued on the cap, so it will appear on your head.
3.Apply a thin layer of glue to the edge of your human hair weave weft bundles.Thick glue can stain the weave hair.

4.Apply the wefts to the cap from left to right:beginning at the nape of the neck,and move up. Cut off the ends of the weft that extend past the hairline, until you get to the level of the ears. Layer the wefts close together to prevent gaps.

5.Glue the hair in a circular fashion from the left ear to the right ear around the forehead to the left temple.This will ensure a layer of hair will be in front of your closure, so the closure hair will have some hair to blend into at the front of your head.

6.Glue subsequent wefts in a semi-circular fashion. Glue these wefts up to the temple so the forehead hair does not appear too thick. Leave a circle about the size of your closure at the top of the cap bare.

7.Squirt or drizzle a thin layer of glue to the bare circle at the top of your cap. Apply your lace hair closure.The lace closure hair will blend with the glued hair weave wefts to create a very natural looking,give you a desired natural appearence.