How to Care for Curly Quality Cheap Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Properly?

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Synthetic lace front wigs are very very cheap,so it is an affordable option to choose synthetic lace front wig for women who need to change their looking immediately or for those who suffer from hair loss. synthetic lace front wigs can be short, long, straight or curly and come in a wide variety of colors to choose. Most of synthetic lace front wigs are very easy to care for, however, curly synthetic lace front wigs require extra care and attention to retain their style because of the curls.

synthetic lace front wig

Things You'll Need:
Nail polish,
Knot sealer,
Baking soda or powder.
1.Seal the underside of the synthetic lace front wig to prevent hair from shedding out of the lace wig. To do this, paint the underside with two coats of clear nail polish and then spray it with a knot sealer. Leave the lace front wig inside out, on a mannequin head to air out.

2.Sprinkle baking soda or powder in the lace front wig to remove shine when the lace front wig is brand new. Use your fingers to gently run the powder through the lace front wig and shake out any remaining powder. Leave the lace front wig to sit for a few days and it will look less like a synthetic lace wig and more like natural human hair wig.

3.Avoid combing and brushing the synthetic lace front wig because that could cause it to lose its curls and become frizzy. Instead, use your fingers to loosen and define curls properly.

4.Use a light serum or spray made for synthetic lace front wigs to control frizz. These products do not weigh the hair down or make it stringy, unlike human hair products.

5.Soak your curly synthetic lace front wig in a bowl of tepid water to soften the hair or remove any product buildup. Pour some moisturizing conditioner and a cap-full of fabric softener in the water. Gently swish the synthetic lace front wig back and forth for three to 5 minutes; then rinse the synthetic lace front wig in cool or warm water.

6.Dry the synthetic lace front wig by placing it on a towel to air dry or hanging it on a towel hook in the bathroom. Do not use a blow dryer or another heating tool,this may damage the synthetic lace front wig.

7.Trim off any sections of the synthetic lace front wig that have become quite frizzy to keep it neat completely.