How to Cut the Thin Skin on Human Hair Lace Wigs

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Thin skin lace wigs use a coating of polyurethane to create a pliable, swim cap-like base for the wig. Manufactures use thin skin with or without a conventional lace front wig to create the best fit and the most natural hairline. Thin skin lace wigs can be trimmed with scissors or a knife to match your natural hair line. To properly measure the thin skin for trimming, you will need the aid of a friend or other person.

thin skin wig cap

Things You'll Need:Scissors,Ponytail holder or hair clip

1.Prepare your hair as you normally begin to wear the lace wig.

2.Place the lace wig on your head, and adjust it until you are satisfied with the position of the hair line. To create the most natural look, the hair line of the lace wig should match your own hair line perfectly.

3.Gather the hair in a loose ponytail or clip to expose the thin skin rim all the way around the wig completely.

4.Use a marker to draw a line along the thin skin near your hair line all the way around the lace wig. Thin skin should be alomst invisible at the front hair line but can be left longer around the back and sides for security and comfort.

5.Remove the lace wig, and place it on a wig head.

6.Cut the thin skin along the guideline with scissors or a utility knife.

7.Try on the lace wig again.

8.Mark any areas that are still too long for comfort, and trim again carefully.

9.Remove any marker stains on thin skin tape with nail polish remover.
You see,it is really easy to apply thin skin tape lace wigs.