How to Quickly Dye The Lace Color of Lace Wigs

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Women always wear lace wigs and purchase lace wigs every year,sometimes they'll find the the lace color of the wig can't match our skin color of face shape,they desire to dye lace color in this case,but they afraid it will stain the hair or ruin the wig if dye the lace unguarded. Here's a tip on how to fix the issue.

lace chart

Things You'll Need:Lace Wig,Light or Dark Brown Sharpie Marker.

1.Try the Lace Wig on client to see if the lace is too light. Remove the Lace Wig and trim the excess lace around the perimeter. Discard the lace that was trimmed away from the wig,be careful not to cut the lace very close to the babyhair.

2.On the 'right' side of the lace wig, shade in the mere amount of lace that is left around the perimeter with the sharpie marker. You may need to do this on a solid surface. Be more thorough in the top front or forehead area. Let dry for about 3 minutes or more. in 'my baby' lace wig
Attach the Lace Wig with tape and/or adhesive. Stand back and look at your client. Look for any missed or light spots. Fill in any light spots with the sharpie marker. You may also want to go back into the hairline to give the wig a more natural look.