How to Remove the Shine on African Human or Synthetic Hair Lace Wigs Due to Excess Adhesive or Glue?

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Applying lace wigs sometimes can be a very messy job, especially when you are using lace wig adhesive instead of tape, to secure your lace wig. When using adhesive, small amounts of the adhesive may be seen obviously in front of the wig hairline. When the adhesive dries, it shines. If you do nothing about the shine, others can easily detect that you are wearing a lace wig. There are several ways to get rid of the shine quickly.

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Things to Prepare in Advance:Cotton swab,Alcohol,Acetone.
Just a few steps below:

1.Soak a cotton swab in 99 percent alcohol. Rub the soaked swab over the excess adhesive to remove the shine directly.

2.Allow a cotton swab to soak in 100 percent acetone or lace adhesive solvent. Rub the swab over the adhesive to remove the adhesive. You may have to do this several times to completely remove the excess glue and adhesive.

3.Apply makeup foundation or pressed powder over the excess adhesive. By doing this, you cover up the shine and also give your lace wig a more natural looking hair line at the same time.