Why pay by ALI ESCROW?

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I have a recommendation that I think it will be much better than creating a list of bad companies. I don't know if you are familiar with aliexpress (www.aliexpress.com). Well, on this site ALL businesses must offer ESCROW as a payment option!!! Escrow is the best way to protect the buyer since the money is not transferred to the company until after you have received the product and inspected it!!! You can visit: www.escrow.com for more information on how it works. It's absolutely free!! When I told the Chinese companies selling racing bicycles that I would only accept escrow, they did not reply anymore to my messages!!! When alibaba forces companies to use escrow, then all the scammers will disappear and only the legitimate companies will remain!!!! In the meantime, my suggestion to you, or to any other buyer interested in purchasing products from Chinese companies or from any other country, is to insist that the only payment method that you will accept is ESCROW!! Any legitimate company, that truly wants your business, will agree to this payment method. All the scammers will not!!! This is a 100% failsafe way to protect yourself in the future!!

Escrow service on Alibaba is powered by Alipay.com, a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group. Escrow allows you to pay securely online without exposing your credit card details. You can also track delivery of your order and payment is only released to the supplier after you confirm you've received the order.

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