The difference between hand tied & machine weft?

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When we chat buyers and sellers shops or boutiques, we found that many of them are ambiguous hand tied weft and the difference between the machine-made weft it? Or, maybe you will be surprised: "I should use the framework of machine weft extensions hand tied weft?" Seem to think they are the same people, and they are very different!

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Is the difference between the tied hand and foot and machine weft: machine frame is made from a sewing machine and real! Machine hair wefts is certainly more powerful and easy to cut into you need any; length or not ground plot to crash. Hand tied weft is slightly more sensitive, which means that the frame is very thin.

Since the plot is thin, which makes the plot unwrapped his court. Do not worry, though, there are many ways to avoid collapse, spread out or separate hand tied weft. Simply through a transparent liquid glue seal court or after cutting the weft knotted.

There is a price difference between them. Manual labor, hand tied weft is more expensive the machine than wefts.What they do? Everything is a question of personal preference. So, Which do you prefer?