How to search buyer reviews

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A good way to verify a company is to see what other buyers think about them.
How to post buyer review on Ask It!

If you have been a victim of scam and hope to tell your story to other buyer as a warning, you can post a buyer review about the company which scammed you.

Follow below steps you will post your buyer review successfully.

Step 1 Go to the post page.***%20company.&myTags=buyer%20review,alibaba%20scam
Step 2 Fulfill the title. Write down like this "My review about eclacehair Co., Ltd.". Important! Write down the name of the company which you want to review, this will help other buyers to search it out.

Step 3 Write down the details (Important! Including the link of the supplier's website on of your story in below place.

Step 4 Click submit to post your buyer review online.