How to opt my ideal full lace wig?

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How to find a the ideal wig for myself? A lot of people have this problem for African-Americans at the time of purchase full lace wigs. When you see the video youtube, a girl wearing a very beautiful wearing a wig, if you buy the same. Perhaps, it will feel different things. So it is very important that you choose the right color. Just as people have the dark rarely wear lighest hair color.

How to choose a full lace wig? You can choose a wig that closely match your natural hair color and style. If you happen to want to buy a full lace, maybe you can refer to the following tips.

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1. Measure the size of your head. Of course, if you are a standard size, there is no need to measure. Under normal circumstances, you can buy the stock size like small, medium and large. If this is your first time ordering is not very standard, and your size, you can measure with the measuring tape. It is very easy to do this. It requires that you do it at the most five minutes. However, your order, this is the most important step.

2. Check your face shape, hair length, hair color, as I mentioned before. Different people have different feelings, or find although they wear the same wig. If you are very high, the length of the long hair would be good for you. Of course, this depends on the last your perferance. The color of the hair. Select the color closer to your own hair. Or hair color that you usually wear. If you often change the color of the hair. This makes it easy for us to know that you have been wearing a wig before.

3. Choosing the right hairstyle. Straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. Which one is your favorite? Shorter and straight hair is usually easier, because you can shake them to take care of. In the medium and long wig styles. If you want to purchase wigs made from human hair, you can change their hairstyle. Wave or curl tool, just like your own hair.

This is when I want to order the steps. But I can ignore this step, Because before I bought a wig, and know in my size. It's very simple, because I bought the stock lace wigs. There is no need to create a custom command.