Payment Terms

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This is payment terms information of our factory:

Please choose western union,money gram or wire transfer 

to transfer payment when paypal is not convenient.

This is our western union and money gram information below:

fist name:CHUNJUN

last name: LI


Postal code:266300

Bank transfer(wire transfer):

Paying bank:BANK OF CHINA SHAN DONG JIAO ZHOU SUB-BRANCH                        
Bank address: NO.158 Zhengzhou dong road Jiaozhou Qingdao Shandong province  China.
Account No.:   231209269297        
Beneficiary:  DOU YAN MEI                                    

Orders more than 10000 USD:

our bank info

Please inform us payment information--MTCN#(or Ref number of moneygram) and senders full name,total amount you paid in email to

please send your delivery address,phone number for delivery in email together with payment information after payment sent.

We'll fulfil your order according to delivery address and order information you sent in email.

Thank you so much for your concern,we look forward to doing more and more great deals with you!