How To Measure Full Lace Wig And Lace Front Wig Size?

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A full lace wig fit you well can let you feel comfortable and wonderfull when apply the wig on head. most stock full lace wigs from factory or manufacturer come in three standard sizes for international buyers to match head size-small size,medium size and large size:
measure wig
Head measurements include circumference, width from ear to ear and length from the front to the back of the head and nape of neck.These measurements are also suitable in designing and making custom wigs. Learning how to measure the size of the wig and head can help you find the exact perfect full lace wig(or lace front wig) quickly without trying on every units from shop to shop,or you wonder hesitate when you purchase from online stores.
1.Tie up your hair into a bun or another style so that your hair is swept back and pulled taut and flat on your head.

measurements of wigs

2.Place the end of the tape measure on your hairline in the middle of the front of your head with the inch measurements side of the tape measure showing. Gently wrap the tape around your head along your hairline, going over one ear, around just above the nape of the neck, over the other ear and back to the originating point to measure the circumference of your head.

3.Place the tape measure again as in step 2 above. Gently pull the tape measure straight back over your hair and to the nape of your neck to measure the length of your head.

4.Place the end of the tape measure with the inch side up in front of one ear on the hairline. Pull the tape straight over the top of the head and to the same spot on the opposite ear to measure the width of your head.
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