Widow's Peak hairline

  • Widow's Peak hairline
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All our wigs in stock were designed with natural hairlines. However, you  may have a unique hairline (e.g. widow's peak). If you select, we will customize your full lace wig,lace front wigs, hairpiece or frontals with a widow's peak. Please keep in mind that unique hairlines may not perfectly mirror your unique hairline. If you would like an exact match, please send us a photo of your hairline. Additionally, many of our customers have a head full of hair under their wig. If this describes you, you may want to add a bit to your measurements so that your wig will cover your natural hairline. Please be careful when doing this especially if you have a short
forehead. The Widow's peak is M shaped hairline or Pointed Hairline. For this, your front hairlines make the shape of M or come down in point above forehand. A natural hairline is a straight hairline. For this, the hair is growing out of scalp straightly above forehand.