How to Make Invisible Part in Human Hair Full or Front Lace Wigs for African Americans

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Wearing human hair lace wig, one of the challenges is how to make it look natural. Creating an invisible part allows you to part your hair to the side or down the middle by properly laying down the tracks from your hair extensions down over your part.Hair beauty styles are always changing as stylists find new ways to do new things and make hairstyles more natural. The trick is covering up the wefts so no one can tell that the part is artificial, making it invisible and realistic.Wear hair extensions

Things need to be prepared:Hair weave,Scissors,Bonding Glue.

1.Part your hair in the section where your part will be. Consider if you like your hair swooped to the left or right, or if you like having an even part directly in the middle. Sew or bond in your quick weave as normal, laying the hair down and applying the tracks completely until you've reached the area where your part is. Your hair should be sewn or bonded leaving a 1-inch "U" shape at the crown. This is for creating invisible part space.

2.Cut the tracks of your hair extensions into small pieces, no more than 1/2 to 1 inch long. Split the tracks if they are double sewn by carefully using a razor blade to remove the stitching. Use bonding glue to place tracks diagonally, filling in the "U" shape around the entire crown.

3.Place each individual section down with glue starting at your forehead. Place each track close to the other making your part look natural. Wait a moment between applications so that your glue becomes tacky and isn't running and dripping. Spray each row with hair spritz and blow dry in between. This will help to secure your part firmly and dry the glue completely.

4.Lay tracks around the entire perimeter. The closer you lay your tracks, the better the end results. Blow dry and hence you can style.