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Lace hair Density chart

  • Lace hair Density chart
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    lace wigs density

    we have 120% density lace wigs in stock,we can add hair to higher density if you pay extra for it.but the extra is double expensive than custom wigs.

    it will take 2 days to add hair to heavy density.

    Introduction of hair density for your reference.
    A)  50% and 60% is  'extra light' , it looks natural
    at the hairline on a lace with bleached knots.

    B)  70% to 100% is 'light'density, like real hair.

    C) 110% to 130% is medium density, most of ladies like
    their wigs medium density.

    D) 140% to 160% is 'heavy' density .That is a good
    choice if you want the hair looks full.E) 170% to 180% is 'very heavy' density, it is just
    for the ladies who want her hair very full.the most
    heavy density we can make is 180%.

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