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Instruction of coloring full lace wig

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Full lace wig is the savior of women suffering from medical hair loss, because they are able to accomplish the specifics and styles of what wearer want to be. in order to create a whole new looking to meet the client's natural style.we must match hair color,length,hair style,To Dye a lace wig, you need to take some precautions, but this process has become easier with practice.
What you need
Full lace wig
Mannequin Head
Duckbill clip

color human hair wig

To ensure a clean, dry full lace wig mannequin head wig stand, and the stand is placed in the center of your workspace.

Some hair duckbill clip holds quadrant.

Wear rubber gloves, and then open any hair care product bottles. Mixed colors, according to the manufacturer's instructions, and stirred for a brush of the appliance use.

Start a full lace wig dye application. If you plan to apply only to the highlight of your foil and apply to the part you want. If you apply the color, remove the thin line of hair from the first quadrant, foot rest with other duckbill clip.

Using the applicator brush, paint the entire length of the row direction of the cuticle of the hair dye to the hair, start 1 mm away from the laces. This is done in order to protect the lace, the dye will be slightly expanded, because it deals with. Through each line of and each quadrant hair, repeat the above steps.

Let the full lace wigs, wig stand. Dye per the manufacturer's instructions processing. Be careful, do not tangle into the hat color hair. The heat may be used.

Keep wig wig stand, rinse the dye from the rear part of the move from back to front run until the water is clear. Shampoo, condition and comb your full lace wig.

Allow air drying, the desired style.

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