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How to Order Custom Full Lace Front Wig?

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Custom lace wigs are usually made of human hair according to buyer's specail cap constructions and specifications that has a special wig cap can fit buyer's head. Custom lace wigs are used for different reasons. Many people buy custom lace wigs in order to get the color, length and texture they like without damaging their natural hair. Custom lace wigs are also needed by those suffer from hair loss and medical problems such as alopecia, or those undergoing medical treatments such as chemo therapy, which damage their natural hair.

32 inch lace wig

Different Types of Caps:
There are lots of different types of custom wig caps to suit all needs of different clients and preferences.The main wig caps are made from Swiss or French lace.The lace is like a very fine netting.Wig caps are also made of silk, stretch lace and monofilament. The most desirable features of custom wig caps are the ability to choose the exact materials you want the cap to be constructed of and the ability to have the cap custom made to your head measurements to assure an outstanding fit and the greatest comfort.most wig caps are stretchable.such as full lace wigs with stretch lace at crown,full lace wigs with stretch lace from ear to ear,full lace wigs all stretch lace,full lace wigs with stretch lace at back.most lace front wig caps are stretchable,but without stretch lace.

Difference Between Full Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig Caps:
Full lace wig caps are constructed with lace on whole head.Full lace wigs made with this type of custom lace cap system can be styled in any way you desire. Because the the cap is constructed with light weight lace, it has good ventilation. The main disadvantage of a full lace wig cap is that the delicate lace is easily damaged.the hair strands were tied on lace base on whole head,so this type of full lace wigs won't tangle easily.

Lace front wig cap construction only uses the French or Swiss lace around the front area of the cap. This creat a natural looking hairline and freestyle.The rest of the cap is made of hair wefts or hair extensions and was not hand tied by workers. A lace front wig cap enables you to repair or replace the delicate front portion and it is freestyle at front portion. The main drawback to this type of cap construction is it is not looks so thick at back and it is not so durable as full lace wig which can last more than two years.

Cap Constructions:
There are several different types of cap constructions available, depending on your needs. The most popular is the full lace wig style with stretch lace in the crown area. Another is the full lace wig cap with no stretch lace. Both these cap styles allow you to wear your hair in a high ponytail.

There are many other cap construction styles, such as lace with stretch lace above the ears, silk top caps, glueless caps,all stretch lace caps,caps without lace that was made with machine wefts.most popular lace front wig cap is constructed with lace at front with machine wefts at back and this is adjustable straps at back. in order to help buyes to hold the wig more firmly,we can add combs on each cap style.
To find the best cap style for you, try on a few different cap construction styles, if possible. You can ask a friend who wear lace wigs which style she likes best and why. Internet forums can also be a great source of valuable information in helping you choose a suitable wig cap style.

Other considerations are the climate in which you live. If you live in a very warm, humid climate, a cap constructed completely of french lace or just a lace front wig would be a good choice.

Lace Materials Used:
The main lace materials used for making custom wig caps are French and Swiss lace, stretch lace,monofilament lace,#3 lace and polyurethane (known as thin skin). Each type of material has its pros and cons. The French and Swiss laces are most popular this years,full lace wigs or front lace wigs made of frech lace are very hot selling these years, and thin skin caps are exceptionally natural looking but are not as breathable as the lace cap. They will also melt if they come in contact with a hot styling tool.

The time you plan to wear the wig is also very important. If you plan on wearing your lace wig for an extended period, then the somewhat lengthy procedure of gluing the wig to the entire perimeter of your head is not a big problem. But if you change your wigs now and then, this could be inconvenient, so you'd better consider a different wig cap style that can easily attch and easily remove.

We carry custom full lace wigs,front lace wigs,top closures,hair extensions,please contact our sales by email or just leave message if you need custom units.

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