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How to Make Undetectable Front Lace Wigs?

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The most welcome human hair wigs types are lace front wig and full lace wig.lace front wig are very popular now because of it's cheap price and other notable features such as undetectable and natural looking,lace front wigs can easily blend in the natural hairline.Lace front wig is also more natural looking than regular wigs because the hair will appear as if it is growing from the wearer's head.Lace front wig is easy to style,it also can be worn down loosely or in up-do hairstyles.front lace wigs can be custom-made that can match client's hairline,head size or shape of her head --- all the advantages show an undetectable attribute lace front wig.

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1.Prepare the wearer's head before making the measurements of the lace front wig. Weave the hair in cornrows from the hairline backwards to the nape of the neck or gel down the hair so that the hair can be completely flat.

2.Measure the wearer's head by taking measurements from the forehead at center of the hairline towards the back.The lace in front of a lace front wig is around 2  to 4 inches from the hairline. Measure across the head from ear to ear.Measure and record all the measurements correctly.

3.Form a block pattern by using plastic wrap and wrap the top part of the wearer's head near the hairline and the top of the head. Flatten it and press it down so that it will take on the shape of the head.

4.Mark the wearer's hairline by using a dark-colored indelible ink marker to trace the hairline on the plastic wrap.This will give you a pattern of the hairline, which will be used for shaping the front of the lace wig.Place the plastic wrap block pattern on a wig block.

5.Place a piece of lace used to make the wig over the plastic wrap pattern on the wig block to estimate the amount of lace you will need to use for the lace front wig.

6.Use wig lace that can matche your skin color so that the lace front blends in with the skin color by your hairline.we recommend to use French lace or Swiss lace.Cut the lace by following the edges of the plastic wrap pattern using it as the outline to create the lace base of the wig.

7.Use human hair to ventilate the lace front wig using strands of the hair to fill the holes in the lace.Start the hair ventilating process by carefully taking strands of the hair and thread the strands in a hook needle.

8.Pull the hair using the needle,through the hole in the lace and knot the hair strand. Each strand must be individually knotted; this gives lace wig the undetectable natural appearance of hair that is growing from the wearer's scalp.You can start from the front or back of the lace.

9.Repeat this process until the entire lace is completely full of hair with no holes or spaces exposed in the lace. After the ventilating process is completed place the wig on the wearer's head to do a fitting.Trim the hair and style it according to the specifications of the wearer.
10.Use hair wefts to construct the rest of the wig,you can just sew hair wefts on the lace base.becase lace front wig only have lace base at front hairline.

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