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How to Apply Top Closure Hairpieces?

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Top closures are special hairpieces that are applied onto the top of head.Hair Strands of hair are attached to a small lace base that imitates your scalp.The closure allows you to part your hair on top of your head.This makes your hair weave looks more natural It is easy to attach a hair top closure.

wear lace closure

1.Create cornrows in the person's natural hair.Comb the hair straight back and start creating small braids from the front of the head to the back of the head.The braids should be small and lay flat on the person's head.

2.Leave the top of the head open when sewing in the top closure.This is where the hair closure will be sewn in.

3.Place the hair top closure on top of their head. It should stretch over the top of the crown on the head.

4.Use a sewing needle and thread to start sewing the top closure to the cornrows on top of your head.Sew in and out of the cornrow braids and through the hair lace closure. Slowly make a circle until you get to the center of the closure.

5.Knot the thread off and cut it off. Gently comb through the top lace closure and part it as you like.

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