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What is Single and Double Knots in Human Hair Full or Lace Front Wig?

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Finding long luscious human hair lace wigs has never been easier. It doesn't matter if it actually grows out of your head, as long as it looks natural. Lace wigs, also known as lace front wig and full lace wig, are more natural looking than typical wigs. The lace around the base of the wig gives the illusion of a natural hairline. There are small knots on the lace in the front and throughout the base of the wig. There's a difference between single and double knots in lace wigs and you should choose the best one you want.

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Benefits of Single Knots:
Single knots are common for lace wigs because they're hard to spot. The strands of hair are knotted and tied into the wig throughout the top of the hairline. Single knots aren't noticeable and that leads to a more natural appearance even upon close inspection. While you may not have the lace wig as long as you would if it had double knots, it will look more natural.

Downsides of Single Knots:
Single knots do look natural, but there are downsides. The main issue is that the lace wigs are less durable than double knot wigs. That means that it's prone to hair shedding and that makes it look less than natural because of hair missing from the wig. Single knots are simply more fragile than double knot lace wig.

Benefits of Double Knots:
Double knots in lace wigs are a bit more durable than single knots. They work well with wig hair that is thick and heavy. In double knot lace wigs, two or three strands of hair are attached to the double knots. They are much more durable and there's less shedding in comparison to single knot lace wig.

Downsides of Double Knots:
Double knots are less natural looking as they're larger and more visible. It's possible to have a lace wig with double knots that looks like your own hair, it's just more difficult. If you choose a lace wig with double knots, just try to keep people from looking at it too closely. A lace wig with double knots lasts longer but can more easily be detected you are wearing a wig.

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