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Wig's today and before

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Women wear lace wigs daily or occasional basis today, stylish and convenient, because they can style in advance, and then when you wear, there is not enough time to style their hair. They also wear the individuals who experience hair loss due to some medical treatments (the most common form of cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy). A number of celebrities, including Beyonce and star promotion human hair wigs.

The pious women in some Orthodox ultra-orthodox Jews (including Chassids), often shave hair, wearing a human hair lace wig for spiritual reasons.

Wigs can also be fun to wear as clothing fancy dress, weird colors, sometimes we can see that they were made ​​from metal wire. They are very common at Halloween, when "rubber wigs" (solid bald cap-like hats, shaped like hair) is sold in some stores.

In England and most Commonwealth countries, particularly lace wig wearing barristers, judges, and certain parliamentary and municipal officials, or a symbol of civic office. Until 1823 all the bishops in the United Kingdom, as well as wearing ceremonial wig. Barristers wear a wig style favored in the late eighteenth century. The judge's wig in everyday use as court dress, like a barrister's wig (although in a slightly different style), but the the festivals judges and senior barristers (QCS) to wear a full-bottom wig. Real hair wigs in the 18th century, in order to give them a unique white or almost white powder. Powdered wig confusion and inconvenience, and the development of the natural white or white powder wig (horsehair), no doubt, keep what makes wigs in everyday court dress a practical possibility.

The Jidaigeki, a type of film and television, wig widely used to change the cast's hair styles to reflect the Edo period most of the story takes place. Only a few starring big budget movies and TV series will grow their hair, so that it can be cut to a suitable hairstyle, rather than use a wig only.

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