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How To Apply Natural Looking Front Lace Wigs?

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Front lace wigs are very easy and convenient to apply on head. The human hair front lace wigs are welcomed in the entertainment industry,because lace front wig has lace at front,so the wigs can give the appearance of a natural hairline.it is as natural as full lace wig, When apply a lace front wig,we always try to apply it as natural looking as we can.
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Things You'll Need
Lace front wig
Wig cap
Lace wig adhesive
1.Remove any hair along your hairline. Apply a small amount of alcohol to a clean cloth and use the cloth to remove any access dirt and oil along your hairline before applying the lace front wig.

how to apply lace front wig

2.Clip a small amount of lace from around the hairline of the lace front wig. Avoid cutting too much lace to make sure you have enough to attach the lace front wig.

3.Pull your natural hair back to expose your hairline and style your hair the way you want to wear it under the wig. Braiding and wrapping are common styles to wear under a wig.

4.Conceal your natural hair by placing a lace front wig cap over it. Pull the wig cap back from your forehead to expose your scalp just below your hairline.

lace front wig cap

5.Place the lace front wig on your head to determine how much lace you need for a natural look.

6.Fold the front of the wig back and over the top of your head. Apply a small amount of adhesive along your hairline. Pull the lace up to the edge of your hairline to give the appearance of a natural hairline. Allow a minimum of 1/2-inch of lace to fall below your hairline and trim off any access lace.

7.Wrap a satin scarf around your hairline and allow the adhesive to dry completely before styling. Sitting under a warm dryer is also an option for drying the adhesive.

8.Apply a small amount of flesh-tone makeup along the perimeter of your forehead to conceal the lace at front hairline.
Now,persons around you don't know you are wearing a wig,right?

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