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How to Wash a Human Hair Wig

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After wearing a human hair lace wig beautifully for a week or more,washing hair becomes a difficult problem,soak hair in a special care solution,other steps is similar as processing your own hair.Now look at this instruction of the super detailed wig scrubbing process. Human hair wigs become fashion is not a matter of some days.How can you wash and clean the wig without harming the human hair?It's very necessary that a girl to read it who just bought a human hair wig.

Tools / raw materials:

Wooden shank steel wired wig should be made of this anti-static comb. Wig special bracket, used to dry wigs when washing, can also be used as a model head in peacetime, easy to place wigs. The washing liquid is 100g, usually two times a bottle. The anti hair care liquid specially used for wig can be used for dry and wet hair.

Methods / steps

a human hair wig
1.Use a special comb to comb the wig (with steel teeth comb),please attention, curly hair, in addition to the bangs and the top of the head straight place, other curly place is best with the hands straightened, can not use a comb.

rinse human hair wig
2.Put the human hair wig in cold or warm water for 5-10 minutes. Time is not too long. If too long, the hair will fall off easily. make sure wash use your hands.

add shampoo to water
wash human hair wig
3.First put the soaked human hair wig on a special wig bracket, and then change a basin of water (usually washed with cold water, if you are afraid of cold in winter can be washed with warm water not higher than 30 C), then choose the wig special washing shampoo into clean water mix well, remember not to scrub hard oh, just gently grasp with your hands It's OK to grab the hair. After all, our wigs are different from our own hair. We can't abuse them.

soak human hair wig
4.After washing, change a basin of clean water, wash it with clean water, then soak human hair wig in a special care solution for wigs and take it out.

dry human hair wig
5.Place the washed wig on a special wig support and dry the wig with a dry towel (2 - 3 pieces).

air dry human hair wig
6. After towel dries the water, wait for hair to dry naturally on the shelf. You must put human hair wig in a cool place to dry and not to sun.Steps for wig cleaning.When the wig is dry to 90%, gently grasp the hair silk with your hand, and then comb the bangs and the top of your head with a special comb.

comb human hair wig
comb human hair wig
7.For a wig, if you don't need to wear it regularly, you should spray a little spray.

a human hair wig
8.for cleaning and wiping wig. When the human hair wig is completely air-dried, cover the washed wig with a hairnet and put it in a sealed plastic bag with good air permeability. Keep the wigs well, and human hair wig must be kept in a dry place.

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