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Why Use Good Lace Wig Adhesive for Swimming

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Have you sit on the sidelines and watch your friends swim when you're wearing a wig. More people like to wear wigs for many different reasons, although it might be tempting,don't take a leap into the water before care the wig with the proper materials and preparation.You can join your friends for a swimming.It must be properly secured with best good adhesive.

Swimming lace wig

Things You'll Need:
Shower cap;
Swimming cap;
Bobby or hair pins;
adhesive for wig.

Pin the wig into a bun on top of your head or put it in a ponytail, if possible, and secure with bobby pins. Otherwise, you can tuck stray or hanging hairs under the shower cap after you put it over the unit.
Place the shower cap onto your head. The shower cap acts as a second barrier underneath the swim cap in case water seeps in under the swimming cap.

Help protect your hair from water,chlorine, sand or saltwater,pull the swimming cap down over the shower cap. You can swim after this is done.

After swimming,remove both caps and all pins. If your lace wig gets wet or damp, lightly blow dry it on the lowest, coolest setting!

Tips and Warnings:

Use a new shower cap for a tighter, more secure fitness.
After swimming, You can shampoo and condition certain wig styles, such as the lace wig.
The hot setting on the dryer can cause a synthetic wig to melt.
Use caution when swimming in a pool or the ocean as chlorine and saltwater can damage the wig hair or knots.
When you wear a new wig, make sure that the adhesive on wig dries thoroughly before swimming in a wig.

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