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How to Ventilate Human Lace Wig and Machine Wig?

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Hand tied full lace wigs tend to look more natural than machine made wigs.While machine made wigs made from ventilating machine wefts that can create comfortalbe feeling as well.the gap between stretchable weft hair strands and weaves can create ventilation It does not have the capacity to stretch, Ventilation is the method of tying hair strands to the lace base material which adds to the overall of the wig.human hair wigs for black women

Tools:Head shaped wood block,lace base material.Ventilating needle.

How to ventilate hand tied area?
1.Consider the hairstyle you want to create, as this affect the direction the hair strands need to tie. With the mesh base material on the head shaped wood block, use the ventilating needle to pull strands of hair through the holes in the lace base. The ventilating needle resembles a fishing hook and can pick up 1 or 2 strands of hair each time. Start at the back nape area of the lace base. Use the ventilating needle to pull two strands of hair from the lace base underneath side of the hole, then through the hole. Fold the strand to make a loop, and put the curve of the hook into the loop. Pull it through the lace base.

2.Hold the loose end of hair strands with one hand while working with the ventilating needle. Keep the loop on the hook and swing the hook around to grab the two strands that were made when the single hair strand was folded. after completed to tie each time,2 strands of hair will create a total of 4 strands of hair finally.

3.Pulling those 2 strands (or four) up through the loop. thus the knots on the lace base are created. Pull the knot tight and move to the next hole in the lace base to tie more hair.

4.Continue this knots tying process and work all the way up the back of the lace wig. As you work, try to mix suitable shades of the hair to create a more realistic lace wig that you will also feel comfortable.

5.After complte the back area, move to the sides and the front area of wig cap. At this point, only pull one strand of hair at a time through the hole of lace. This creates very small knots that are tight and hard to find you are wearing a wig,this is why lace wigs can create natural scalp appearance.the hole on lace base wig cap are ventilating.

For a lace front wig,the machine made wefts that are sewed to the lace base,the gap between weft hair strands and weaves can create ventilation,and machine made wefts are stretchable.

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