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How to Get a Natural Looking Lace Front Wig?

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Some women consider it is very easy to wear lace front wig or full lace wig,indeed,wearing lace front wig and full lace wig is a technology,and their are many aspects you must consider when choose hair style,hair color,hair texture etc.
1.the first thing to consider when wantlace wig looks natura is to choose a good quality wig made from hand-tied hair,it is called full lace wig. When hair is hand-tied, it will lay naturally when parted in any direction. Some lace front wigs also are made from a combination of hand-tied and machined hair wefts, often with the hand-tied hair in the front. These lace front wig is less expensive, and might still be a natural-looking option for most hairstyles.
2.Lace front wig is becoming more and more popular than before, because it is natural look and have many styling versatility.Front lace wigs look more realistic than traditional wigs because of their lace or mesh cap at front, which allows the front hairline as well as free parts to look much more natural. A lace front wig can be made from a variety of types of hair, including human hair, animal hair, or a combination of these two types of hair. A 100% human hair wig is considered to be the highest quality wig.

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3.To wear a lace front wig or full lace wig in the most natural fashion, it is important to understand hair types. A lace front wig(full lace wig) that is made from what is called Remy hair or virgin hair, which is human hair that cuticle is connected to the wig in the same direction. This keeps the hair cuticles all aligned in the same direction, providng a more natural look and tangle free, and easier styling. Hair texture varies, and the most natural look is obtained by choosing a texture that is complimentary to your own natural hair. Chinese Remy hair or Yaki hair is thicker and coarser, and is a good match for natural relaxed African American hair. Indian Remy hair is silker, and can be worn by almost anybody, including the African American women who desires silkier hair.
4.Learning how to properly apply a lace front wig is very important. To look natural, you need to create a clean, natural looking front hairline, especially when styling the hair away from the face. This is done by applying the lace front wig to the hairline using special adhesive or tape. It might take some practice to learn how to do this so that it appears natural. Some people also use some makeup to further blend the hairline for a more natural looking.

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