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  • How to Apply Human Hair Lace Closure pieces and Weave Extensions
    Top lace closures are special hair pieces that is sewn onto the crown of your head or at the front top of your head. Strands...[More]
  • How to Apply Different Human Hair Lace Wigs
    Human hair wigs Application Tips Using Adhesive,how to apply human hair lace wigs correctly....[More]
  • How to Apply Human Hair Lace Top Closure yourself
    Lace closures are special hairpieces that are applyed onto the crown of head.Hair Strands are attached to a small lace base that imitates your scalp....[More]
  • Correctly Apply Full and Lace Front Wigs by Double Side Tapes
    How to attach full lace wig or front lace wig yourself with double side glue....[More]
  • How to Apply Hair Lace Front Wigs With Glue Tape
    It is now very easy for all of us to have wonderful perfect hair by wearing human hair lace front wigs....[More]
  • How to Apply Full Lace Wig Without Adhesive Glue?
    Wig clips are easy to apply onto your full lace wig,they allow you to remove it at once so you can tend to your natural hair when at home,sleep or swimming...[More]
  • Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig Instructions
    what's the difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig? How to apply them?No worries we've got you covered here!...[More]
  • Directions To Apply And Remove Lace Wig
    Useful directions to apply and remove lace wig by yourself, our technician will teach you how to apply human hair lace wigs,and how to remove wig,she will tell you every step of how to apply lace wig....[More]
  • How To Apply Natural Looking Front Lace Wigs?
    We always try to apply a front lace wig as natural looking as we can.Front lace wigs are very easy and convenient to apply on head. The human hair lace wigs are welcomed in the entertainment industry....[More]
  • How To Apply Full Lace Wig And Lace Front Wig?
    Instructions for buyers who need to wear a lace wig....[More]
  • How to Remove Extra Lace on Human Hair Lace Wigs Hairline
    We must remove the extra lace when apply them,cut off the lace out of hairline of human hair lace wigs.most women like to wear full lace wigs and lace front wigs,they continues to expand and revolutionize the hair industry....[More]
  • How to Apply Lace Front Wig Yourself?
    Share opinions for new users who want to wear a lace wig....[More]
  • How to Attach Full Lace or Lace Front Wig Without Adhesive,Glue or Tape?
    Clips are easy insert to secure wig,it is a useful method to apply without glue.these two main lace wig types especially full hand tied hair on lace are commonly use tape or adhesive....[More]
  • How to Cut Hair Lace Wigs to Fit Natural Hairline
    how to get natural looks when apply wig?...[More]
  • How to Apply Top Closure Hairpieces?
    It is easy to attach a lace closure.it is a special hairpieces that wear on the top of head with glue or clips,the hairpiece allows you to part your hair on top freely....[More]
  • How to Cut the Thin Skin on Human Hair Lace Wigs
    It need to cut extra thin skin when apply such wigs.The human hair lace wigs use a coating of polyurethane to create a pliable, Manufactures use thin skin with or without a conventional lace front wig to create the best fit....[More]
  • How to Remove the Shine on African Human or Synthetic Hair Lace Wigs Due to Excess Adhesive or Glue?
    Applying lace wigs sometimes can be a very messy job, especially when you are using lace wig adhesive instead of tape...[More]
  • Its Important to Apply & Care Full Lace Front Wig Correctly
    Today,their are so many women wear full lace wig and lace front wig every day...[More]
  • What We Must Take Notice When Apply Lace Front Wig with Babyhair?
    You can see ladies wearing front lace wigs everywhere.Why their are so many women wearing front lace wigs now?...[More]
  • How to Apply Human or Synthetic Hair Full Lace Wigs Using Glue or Adhesive?
    Methords to apply human or synthetic hair full lace wigs using glue adhesive?Indian and Brazilian human hair full lace wigs or lace front wigs can be attached using one of two methods: glue or adhesive tape....[More]
  • How to Apply Thin Skin Human Hair Lace Wigs
    ometimes we need to apply a thin skin wig,such human hair lace wigs has a more secure fit than traditional lace wigs as well.most thin skin wigs should be custom made from factory.they give a more natural appearance....[More]
  • How to Apply Lace Front Wig Correctly?
    Correct way to apply lace front wigs....[More]
  • How to Attach Lace Front Wig by Double Side Tape
    It is not the same as the double sided tape from the craft section.when applying a lace front wig double side tape,it is specially formulated to adhere to skin when attach and uses paper backing to protect double sides of the tape....[More]
  • How to Apply Human Hair Front Lace Wigs Natural Looking Without Glue?
    Attach human hair lace wig without tape or glue....[More]
  • How to Apply Human Hair Lace Wigs
    Instructions of correct method to wear a wig....[More]
  • How to Apply Full Lace Front Wig Yourself at Home?
    Sometimes you want a new hairstyle in some occasion? then a lace front wig is the best choice!...[More]
  • How to Attach Human or Synthetic Lace Front Wig With Glue Tape?
    How to attach a human hair wig with glue and tape?you should clean you skin first before applying a human hair lace front wig, for a tighten secure when install a human hair lace wig,we need glue and tape this time....[More]
  • How to apply front lace wigs?
    It is difficult for some women to apply front lace wigs,whether you attach French or Swiss lace front lace wig,the application of the adhesive is the most difficult part for lace wigs.the right lace color match your skin shade....[More]
  • How to Attach Hair Wefts & Top Closures?
    How to attach hair wefts top closures by yourself?Top closures are special hair pieces that used to apply onto the the front top of head for hair losers.Top closures are used at the end of the gluing process...[More]
  • How to Apply and Blend Lace Front Wig with Skin
    Lace front wigs are constructed with a skin toned mesh base at top and machine wefts base for rest....[More]
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